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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best Bottle Opener Ever Funky Nuts even!

No kidding, this is a MUST See!! The easiest to use bottle opener on the planet. Your friends will do a double take when you crack them a cold one, whether beer or softdrink!

I found this and fell in love with it on a trip to Japan so imported a wack for a business. Now I am using the leftovers for our 2010 Internet Selling test campaign.

Check out the demo videos, and scoop one up while I have a few left. A definate item your friends will talk about!

Click here for the Videos and To get one!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Internet Size Me and TeachMoney Sample Internet Strategy Systems

As we continue to work on our InternetSizeMe Book, we are doing a whole lot of the support websites and sample CRM Systems to go with the recommended Internet Strategies in the InternetSizeMe Book by Dennis Wilson a partner in

Check out some of the following sites: - a sample CRM and Sales Funnel system targeted at the Car Dealer industry. - an actual CRM System used by Leo Peloquin a White Rock Realtor - an example of a gateway page used in front of the Sales Funnel website to attract Referrals from other Real Estate agents, before it passes you off to the main teachmoney system used for Real Estate Prospects of Leo Peloquin White Rock Realtor - the actual system used for promoting the InternetSizeMe seminar series and book.

All these sample systems are also being worked into the MLM Software version of Omsys for all the clients to benefit from in selling Omsys to folks outside the MLM industry!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

InternetSizeMe a Book by Dennis Wilson MLM Software Company Owner

INS Partner Dennis Wilson has embarked on writing a book called Internet Size Me that gets down and dirty on how to take a traditional grass routes bricks and mortar company, and implement an effective Internet Strategy including things like SEO, Affiliate Programs, Sales Automation, Google, Effective Web Design your web designer never wants you to learn, and much much more.

Written in his "Tell it Like it is" style, it is a virtual roadmap for any small or medium sized business, or yes of course Home Based Business folks to significantly increase their sales and efficiency with the help of the Internet.

A lot of surprises in this book where you learn things nobody else has ever told the truth on.
So far 50 pages and counting, it will be put out with a seminar series of the same, "Internet Size Me" brand, that offers all the INS software and technology that can be put behind an effective Internet Strategy for those in need.

A bit of a departure from Traditional MLM information, but the second version of the book will be directed specifically to MLM and Home Based Business folks, whereas the first version is for Small and Medium sized business as well as Home Based Business and MLM.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Auto Prospecting System becomes a SalesPersons Dream as well!

INS Auto-Prospecting System Omsys has been significantly enhanced to benefit both MLM Users as well as Small and Medium Business users even more.

Now a single license can have multiple users involved allowing Small Business's to collaborate between their sales teams on sales leads. Networkers can also share a license in close knit groups to tag team leads!

Leads can be assigned to sub users, and lead notifications automatically go to the Master User as well as the Sub User the lead is assigned to. Transferring of a lead also generates an email to let the person receiving the lead know they have a new lead.

Finally, you can log into your Omsys Auto-Prospecting System right from the New Lead notification email with a simple password entry. Perfect for easy access from your iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, or any other smart phone. No longer do you need to log in and navigate around to a contact within a Smartphone browser.

A very handy company feature has been added so when you do have multiple leads with a single company, you can now easily have those leads all pulled up by a company association.
The new Auto-Prospecting System enhancements make the portability of the Omsys Auto-Prospecting System next to none.

Take your prospecting on the road!

Just click Join and add the Free Trial to your cart!
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

MLM Visa MasterCard Merchant Account

The holy grail of any new MLM Software client is finding that ever elusive Visa or MasterCard Merchant Account or MLM Credit Card Gateway.

We have watched literally hundreds of our clients go through this painful process. Finally we have decided to throw our Muscle and Dedication behind one company that seems to give the best success in getting both an MLM Merchant account as well as an MLM Credit Card Gateway.

There is one company that comes up OVER and OVER that our client roster seems to have the most success with.

The company we have chosen to support is

They are the most MLM Friendly and about 50% of our clients use them and have success with them.

Apply today at:
If you need more information about our MLM Software please check out our website at:
For our MLM Software news page:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MLM Software and Twitter Awesome or Bust?

Well I am officially a tweeter on twitter now. Two days of exploration with the intention beginning as only a way to update our MLM Software Clients with support type information has turned into an obsession that has already started to gain us traffic and busines..

Almost as cool as tripping across YouTube was.

The first mission was figuring out how to make Twitter show on our website so it is easy for clients to see even if they do not want to sign up to Twitter. for MLM Software Support

and for miscellaneous musings of Dennis Wilson co founder of MLM Software company

The next step became about how to use twitter to have people find out about our MLM Software and announce interesting events that have occurred either in our MLM Software company, or even news from our MLM Software clients.

For example we tweeted out the announcement of GeonLabs our client launching our AutoProspecting System. His URL was

It is amazing how Twitter attracts people. Just by being active on Twitter, your followers grow. Almost any URL you put out to them that makes sense gets picked up not only by them, but by the Twitter Search engine and you get an abnormal amount of looky lou's coming by to see what you are talking about.

Still not sure if it is the best thing or not, but so far Twitter has certainly attracted my attention as a support tool, and a way to give a little helping hand to our MLM Software clients.

Would love feedback on what the rest of the Blogosphere thinks about this amazing thing called twitter.


Saturday, March 14, 2009 is Alive!

Ok so we have been busy revamping our website look and words. Time for some good old A/B testing between and to see which approach works better.

#1 MLM Software which becomes already ranks #1 in google for anyone who tries #1 MLM Software as their search term. Turns out according to initial results quite a few search for that. Who would have known #1 MLM Software was such a popular search for MLM Software!

Feel free to check it out, is only about our MLM Sotware, not including AutoProspecting Systems, MLM Training etc. etc. Simple effective information on an amazing or even as some seem to search the #1 MLM Software!

Your thoughts always appreciated on which site is nicer, better etc.!